Coffee Queen



Size: 2.25 inches*

Order #: CQ (add color name + s/h or LT/SL)

Price: $8.50 - $10.00 each. Necklace $35

Coffee Queen in Sarsaparilla with a side hole. Available in all the colors!

Shown in Pink Lemonade on Tan, Aqua on Buff, Tweed and Antique on Chocolate.

Necklaces (shown with Flower Nymph) made on either brown or black faux leather cord with glass beads to match pendant color. Adjustable size of 16" to 19" Sterling silver wire and clasp. Please call or e-mail with any specific instructions. 805-640-8989

Coffee Queen w/ hole $10.50
Coffee Queen w/ loops $12
Coffee Queen Necklace $35