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Clay Bodies

We use four different clay bodies to make our ceramic pendants. The lightest clay is a porcelain body that is bright white and shows off bright colors and special effect glazes most effectively.

Our chocolate clay body is a beautiful dark brown color that looks wonderful with semi opaque and matte glazes. The chocolate color gives an feeling of depth and warmth. It is a favorite!

The buff clay body adds a wonderful warm "antique" glow.

Tan clay is a medium color clay that looks good with crackle and semi opaque galzes.

Due to our pendants handmade nature each one will vary a bit. That just makes each one unique and different. All our pendants and art are high fired to cone 5 which makes them strong and beautiful!

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Glaze colors range from transparent to opaque, bright to pale in color and everything in between! We use several special crackle glazes and have many new colors for Fall. Because our pendants are handmade in small batches the same color on the same clay may vary from firing to firing.

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Detail of Catalina Crackle glaze

Gaea is the Greek goddess "Mother Earth" so it is appropriate that my mother chose this name for me. I love working with the "earth" and have studied art and design for many years. One wonderful woman who I've been lucky enough to know and take classes from is artist Lynn Creighton. Lynn's sculptures are breathtaking and inspirational.

I find inspiration in everyday things. The shell pendants were inspired by our first trip to the beach with our son. As a child I imagined fairies Iiving among the plants and flowers thus the queens, flowers and leaves.

My husband Robert has also been a great inspiration and is the great organizer and honest voice that makes it all possible. Robert's genuine support and hard work is what keep us going. Thank you Robert!

I hope you enjoy these pendants as much as I enjoy making them! Gaea

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