Large 1" face bead with side hole in Twilight Blue and Lime.

Large 1" face beads with vertical holes in Celedon, Catalina Crackle and Emerald.

Content Face Bead 1 inch

Content face bead: Blue Moon, Emerald, Catalina Crackle, Lime, Amethyst, Mystic Green and Sarsaparilla

Mischief Face Bead 3/4"

Mischif face bead: Blue Snow, Twilight Blue, Fractile Cream, Sunshine, Green Plum and Catalina Crackle

Shown in Smiley and Pucker! Smiley shown with Vertical hole and Pucker shown with side hole and loop top.

Fairy and Moony Face beads.

Skulls and Flowers!

Top to bottom: Mr. Skull 3/4" (Fractile Cream), Happy Skull 5/8" (Fractile Cream), Large Rose 3/4" (Purple Haze), Daisy Skull 1" (Spring Green), Daisy 1/2" (Lime), Heart Skull 3/4" (Emerald), Small Rose 1/2" (Celedon) and Small Skull 1/2" (Blue Moon) beads. More "Day of the Dead" items.





Large Face & Lip Beads $6
Skull & Flower Beads $6

Roses, Daisies & Skulls

Large Daisies (email for hand painted bead $1 extra)

Large roses and 2 sided roses in rose/daisy, skull/rose and skull/daisy combos. Touch image to see flip side.

Small 1/2" daidy beads

Small Skull beads

Mr. Skull and Heart Skull beads with vertical hole

Happy Skull & Daisy Skull



Skull & Flower Beads (hand painted) $9