Roses, Daisies & Skulls

Large Daisies (email for hand painted bead $1 extra)

Large roses and 2 sided roses in rose/daisy, skull/rose and skull/daisy combos. Touch image to see flip side.

Small 1/2" daidy beads

Small Skull beads

Mr. Skull and Heart Skull beads with vertical hole

Happy Skull & Daisy Skull


Top to bottom: Mr. Skull 3/4" (Fractile Cream), Happy Skull 5/8" (Fractile Cream), Large Rose 3/4" (Purple Haze), Daisy Skull 1" (Spring Green), Daisy 1/2" (Lime), Heart Skull 3/4" (Emerald), Small Rose 1/2" (Celedon) and Small Skull 1/2" (Blue Moon) beads. More "Day of the Dead" items.





Skull & Flower Beads $6
Skull & Flower Beads (hand painted) $8