Heart Beads Vertical Hole 1" $5


Beach Heart Bead. Shown as pendant in Emerald, Teal, Blush and Chun.

Coffee Heart Bead in Lacy Mauve, Chun and Hyacinth.

Daisy Heart Bead and Mini Daisy Heart Bead in Teal.


Plain Heart Beads top to bottom: Blue Moon on Tan, Cerulean and Twilight Blue on Buff.

Some additional styles shown as pendants...

Fixed Heart Bead in Peacock.

From Left to right: Jen & Andrews Love in Desert Sky, Victoria Heart in Twilight Blue on Buff, True Love (Heart Bead) in Pink Lemonade and Infinite Love in Teal.

Leafy Heart Bead in Aqua on Tan and Locked Heart Bead in Purple Haze. Both shown as pendants.





Mini Heart Beads

Shown in Sunshine, Purple Haze and Fractile Cream.

Mini Heart Beads (1/2") $4 Vertical Hole
Heart Beads Side Hole 1" $5
Mini Heart Beads (1/2") $4 Side Hole
Gem Heart Beads $6.50