Size: .5 - 1 inch tall*

Price: $5.00 - $6.00 each

Charms $5

Charm Styles

From upper left clock wise... Love Bug charm in Robins Egg, Victoria Curl in Tweed, 3 Hearts in Twilight Blue, Liz's Flower in Celedon, Leaf in Sarsaparilla, Swirl-In in Catalina Crackle on Buff & Center piece is Flower in Forest Green. The charms above are shown as a loop top but can be ordered with a side loop top.


Shell wave charm with a loop top in Atlantis on Tan, Aqua on Tan and Twilight Blue.

Love Cat charm in Sarsaparilla, Twilight Blue and Green Plum.

"Daisies" Square Loop Top.

These patterns are available in 1" shapes.

Floral and plain charm shapes.



Shape Charms $6