Clasp Sets

Price: $7 - 15 each

Sizing is based on the ceramic piece.

Clasp Sets $14


Clasp Sets: Shell in Peacock, 1" Face in Jade and Liz's Flower in Twilight Blue.

Clasp Sets: Monogram "g" in Twilight Blue, Monogram "k" in Forest Green, Plain Rectangle in Teal and Detail.

Swirl-in clasp sets in Aqua on Buff, Catalina Crackle on Buff and Twilight Blue.

Plain Round 1/2" hooks clockwise from top left: Atlantis on Buff, Purple Haze, Mystic Green, Fractal Cream and Celedon on Buff.

Swirl-in loop back style clasp in Aqua on Buff.

Back of Swirl-in loob back style clasp in Aqua on Buff

Leaf Clasp sets in Hyacinth, Twilight Blue and Atlantis on Buff.

Initial a-z LC Clasp $15
Clasp (hook only) $7

Day of the Dead beads

Some of these beads are made as clasp sets. The Skull clasp set come as one piece as a skull and one as a daisy sets. The "clasp only" will be just the skull.

Top to bottom: Mr. Skull 3/4" (Fractile Cream), Happy Skull 5/8" (Fractile Cream), Large Rose 3/4" (Purple Haze), Daisy Skull 1" (Spring Green), Daisy 1/2" (Lime), Heart Skull 3/4" (Emerald), Small Rose 1/2" (Celedon) and Small Skull 1/2" (Blue Moon) beads.

There are more "Day of the Dead" items...

Content Face, Fairy Face,

Moony Face

Clasp Sets Hand Painted $20