Name: Flowers

Size: 1" to 1 1/4 inches*

Price: $4.50 each

Flower front and side hole

From L to R from top to bottom : Blue Snow, Castile, Catalina Crackle, Chun, Desert Sky, Fern, Green Plum, Hyacinth, lime, Sarsaparilla, Olive, Twililght Blue, , Yellow and Yellow on Chocolate.


Flowery pendant: Catalina Crackle, Desert Sky, Hyacinthand Sarsaparilla.

Flowery Round pendant: Sarsaparilla, Catalina Crackle, Lime, Twilight Blue and Desert Sky.

Flowery Square pendant: Lime, Desert Sky, Catalina Crackle, Twilight Blue and Sarsaparilla.



Flowers $4.50