Big Hearts

Size: 2 inches*


Big Heart Pendant $8.50

Big Big Love in Purple Haze.

Big Leafy Love in Twilight Blue with Loop Top and Pink Lemonade on Tan and Pink Lemonade.

Big Romantic Love in Twilight Blue Loop Top, Teal and Twilight Blue.

"Fearless Heart" and "Love" in Twilight Blue Loop Top and "Peace" in Teal. Other inspiration words come with a swirl underneath.


Top row: Big Rose Love in Sunshine.

Middle row: Big Daisy Love in Atlantis and Butter on Tan.

Bottom row: Big Daisy/Rose Love in Twilight Blue, Teal and Twilight Blue.

Big Ladybug Love in Desert Sky.

Ladybug Queen "Heart" shown in Twilight Blue with matching "Daisy" square charm can be found on the Ladybug Queen page. Loop top option only.

"Big Beach Love" and "Big Coffee Love"

scaly hearts

"Big Star Love" in Twilight Blue with a loop top.

Big Heart Loop Tops $9
Inspirations Heart Loop Top $9