Size: Small (5), Medium (7) and Large (9)

Price: $20-25 each


Rings are made with ceramic pendants and a tripple band (shown with a single band) of copper or sterling silver wire and are available in Small (5), Medium (7) and Large (9) sizes. Sizes are approximate. Rings shown with copper bands. Most pendants can be made into a ring. Please call or e-mail to request other shapes not listed. M-F 9-5 PST. 805-640-8989 gaea@gaea.cc
Face Rings (copper) $20


Emerald Green Square ring with silver band.

Shape rings first column: Ball in Cerulean, Infinite in Castile, Round in Fractal Cream.

Shape rings second column: Victoria Round in Desert Sky, Rectangle in Twilight Blue and Square in Emerald.

Face rings, first column: Wind Goddess in Desert Sky, Large Face in Twilight Blue and Wind Goddess in Teal.

Second column: True Love in Purple Haze, Leafy Heart in Castile.

Moony Face ring

in "Desert Rose".

Shape Rings Plain (copper) $20
Face Rings (silver) $25
Shape Rings Plain (silver) $25

Other face options...

Content face, Leaf Goddess and Mischief

Other Heart Shapes...

Infinite love and Victoria Heart

Moon Goddess in Emerald, Desert Sky & Twilight Blue. 1 1/4"

Day of the Dead rings

Rose ring in "Desert Rose".

Daisy Skull ring in "Blue Moon".

Handpainted Daisy RIng in Pink/Turquoise

These beads are also available as rings...

Top to bottom: Mr. Skull 3/4" (Fractile Cream), Happy Skull 5/8" (Fractile Cream), Large Rose 3/4" (Purple Haze), Daisy Skull 1" (Spring Green), Daisy 1/2" (Lime), Heart Skull 3/4" (Emerald), Small Rose 1/2" (Celedon) and Small Skull 1/2" (Blue Moon) beads.

Day of the Dead Queen ring face.

Skull & Flower Rings $25